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GTI China Expo 2022
GTI China Expo 2022
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Interview with IAAPA President, Paul Noland
Vicky Hu/Vita He
IAAPA expo was successfully held during November 17~20. More than 20 thousand professional buyers visited the expo. GTI was honored to interview the President of IAAPA, Paul Noland, and discuss the developing trend of global amusement with him. In his opinion, the amusement park market in Europe and Asia still own much room to develop. What’s more, IAAPA’s popularity in America isn’t as famous as in Europe and Asia. As a result, EAS and AAE show need to promote the shows by tour, and meanwhile understand the industry condition in everywhere. Paul pointed out that there were 1066 exhibitors in the show this year. 103 of them come from Asia, which occupy 10% of total exhibitors. It’s obvious that Asia’s manufacturers are gradually getting stronger. He’s also optimistic to Chinese manufacturers’ potential in the future.
Talk a lot about the goals and directions of the exhibition.
Game Time International(GTI): IAAPA Attractions Expo is such a big show with so many exhibitors and buyers, as the organizer, how do you interact with the buyers and exhibitors like learning about their demand?
Paul Noland (PN): IAAPA is an international association, we have members who are both buyers and park facilities, and we have members who are the manufacturers and sellers, they are both our members. Both of them view the trade show as a really significant member benefit. If the visitors are from individual parks, it will take weeks or months to be able to connect and talk to all the people you can talk to on our show floor in one place. So, I think our job is to run a good show and to promote and sell the show so that we can get a diversity manufacturer exhibitors. And we spend tremendous amount of effort and money and time to market the show to potential buyers to get many buyers to come here.
IAAPA provides opportunities to thoroughly know the situation of global market

GTI:We know the slogan of IAAPA Attractions Expo 2015 is “New”, “Now”, “Next”, while AAE 2016 will be “Create Opportunity through Innovative”, so do different slogans mean different definitions of these two IAAPA shows?
PN: We try to come up with a theme for every expo we do. There are something different between different shows. They try to reflect what’s happening within the market right now, what’s happening in the industry, but also a kind of hearing of our members. What they are interested, what they want to see and what’s important for them. For example, innovation is really important, the parks want to have the latest technologies, the latest innovations, the latest safety tours, so we think theme connects very well. The most important thing is that theme is for somebody who sees that and think that I really have to go there. And we talked to a lot people coming to this expo, they look for not just popular things but what’s gonna be popular in three or five years.

GTI: Do you think IAAPA Attractions Expo only opens a door for exhibitors to get access to America’s market or they can get far more than that?
PN:We have really a diverse audience. We refer to IAAPA Attractions Expo as an international show not just an American show. Because a large percentage of attendees coming to this show is form outside America.

GTI:So where do they come from?
PN: Lot from Latin America, Europe and Asia. Even though we have expos in Europe and Asia, they come here because the show is so much larger, people feel like they have to visit both of the expos and sometimes they just come to this expo because it is so large. That is really one of the things attractive to the exhibitors cause they can see a very broad diverse audience and facilities, not just in North America but from all around the world.

GTI: So exhibitors coming to this show can do business worldwide?
PN: Yes.

GTI:We want to know how many Asia manufacturers attend IAAPA Attractions Expo this year? And would you like to share your impression of Asia-made products especially Chinese products?
PN: We have totally 1066 exhibitors, 103 ones from eleven Asia countries. There are 69 Chinese exhibitors.

GTI:So Sir, what’s your impression of Asia-made products like Chinese products?
PN: We can’t put everything in a category. We can’t say every America-made product is great, other’s is terrible. Asia is the same way. There are some very high quality manufacturers doing really interesting work and there are some not doing good. Because Asia is so huge and so diverse, there is gigantic distribution of quality and innovation in China, and there are some really interesting things happening in China, really high quality too.
Feel optimistic toward Europe’s market and keep promoting EAS and AAE.

GTI: IAAPA has one show in Europe (EAS), one show in Asia (AAE), we want to know what makes you decide to host EAS and AAE in different cities? Are there any advantages?
PN: In United State, IAAPA Attractions Expo is well established, very well-known. We come here in Orlando every year, it’s much easier for us to organize the show in one place but also because Orlando is one of the them park capitals, people really like to come here because they can visit the expo, they can also go visit what’s new in Universal Studio and What’s new in Disneyland, so that makes it a special place. In Europe and Asia, IAAPA is not as well-known, we have to be around the new world, it helps us move around because then we may contact potential buyers and we get exposure to a wholly set facilities we wouldn’t know if we just stay in the same place. Maybe someday, we will end up one place in Europe, one place in Asia. But I think it will takes at least ten or fifteen years because there are so many new markets for us to go into to expose us to new potential members.

GTI: The New Year is coming, do you have anything to say to the industry?
PN: Time is exceptionally good. The industry is very healthy. Parks are really doing a lot of interesting and innovative things to continue to make visitors go back. As long as parks do that, we think the industry will be healthy cause in any research we’ve ever seen, the survey we worked, people especially families really like coming to parks to enjoy their time, very special time with their families. Parks are really doing smart jobs with very interesting and innovative products, giving visitors reasons to go back. As long as we do that, the industry will be very healthy and driving.

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