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July 16~19

Korea Attraction Fair 2020

Venue: Busan BEXCO, Republic of Korea

Contact: JM Company Co.,Ltd

Tel: +82-1544-7052

Fax: +82-70-4015-4016

Website: www.kaafair.com

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, almost all exhibitions of the tourism industry around the world have been postponed or even cancelled in 2020. Despite the difficult situation, the first "Korea Attraction Fair 2020" was successfully held at BEXCO from July 16th to 19th. The content of the exhibition covers various theme parks, comprehensive cultural facilities, digital parks, VR, AR, and games are not limited to leisure and entertainment activities!

“Korea Attraction Fair 2020” hosted by Busan Gyeongnam Representative Broadcasting KNN and JM Company Co., Ltd., had a scale of about 350 booths and 8,832㎡ in 3 countries. Busan Metropolitan City, BTO (Busan Tourism Organization), KTC (Korea Institute of Mechanical Electrical and Electronic Testing), SHAI (Safety and Health Advancement Institute), KAAPA (Korea Association of Amusement Park & Attraction & Attraction), GCF (Game Culture Foundation), KGDA (Korea Game Developer Association), KAIA(Korea Amusement Industry Association), KOVACA (Korea Vr Ar Contents Association), KOVA (Korea Vending Machine Manufacture's Association) by sponsored, Together with Opener DOC Co., Ltd. co-hosted the conference which covered family entertainment to immersive design, industry trends, and detailed technology these on offer. In addition, the operation of a career experience zone and a family entertainment were co-held, which received positive responses from many visitors. "Korea Attraction Fair 2020" specializes in South Korea's tourism industry and presents a new example of entertainment culture.

With this “COVID-19”, there was a regret that overseas companies such as from the U.S., Dubai, India, and China to name a few, were inevitably unable to participate, but 35 overseas companies and overseas partners including IAAPA, RAAPA, JAMMA, INTER-FUN and others sent a congratulatory e-mail to wish us success. “2020 Korea Attraction Fair”, the only attraction-related industry exhibition in Korea, serves as a medium for public relations, promotion, sales channels and new markets for the domestic and international attractions industries. In the Korean Market, there are no attraction or amusement equipment manufacturers therefore we could only depend on imported goods from overseas. But from now on, KAAFAIR will be able to satisfy the thirst of the Korean attraction & amusement industry.

This fair was the first exhibition in Korea related to attractions since the “COVID-19” pandemic began. Even though the number of overseas companies and buyers was less than expected, there were many visitors at KAAFAIR. The stagnant economy and inability to engage in external activities made people interested in “2020 Korea Attraction Fair” by searching for something new and exciting entertainment stuff. People who came to the fair gave a lot of love and enthusiasm and they really enjoyed the show. To summarize the opinions of the buyers who attended KAAFAIR, “Despite the COVID-19 incident that has swept the world, we were admired by the active visitations and the operation of the exhibition. When it comes to a situation where many companies from all over the world are able to attend the exhibition, it will function as the largest attraction business platform in Korea, and the Korean attraction cultural industry will prosper through KAAFAIR.”

The “Domestic Theme Park Facility Safety and Development Seminar” was held for 3 days in Hall 1 of BEXCO Exhibition Center. The director of Korea Institute of Machinery, Electrical and Electronic Testing (KTC) Sang-geun Seo said that KTC is a testing and certification body for the 4th industrial revolution, such as environmental safety evaluation and child activity space inspection, including the current status and management system of domestic amusement facility companies and the size and prospect of the VR theme park market. It explained the current status and trend of domestic and foreign amusement attraction. It is said that it will hold an international forum with water park companies in 2021.

The CEO of VPLEX, Chul-Tae Kim said that in the field of next-generation entertainment contents such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) VPLEX CEO Chul-Tae Kim, who is currently engaged in this business, will become popular in indoor family-style complex theme parks. He gave an easy understanding of FECs (Family Entertainment Center), explaining market status, and comprehensive business analysis. YI CHEN. the magager of Shanxin Socks introduced through an online video how their company is an active clothing manufacturer in China introducing a variety of accessories for rides and trampolines. The introduced innovative items include the introduction of exclusive socks that can be worn on the trampoline.

Monster VR is a company dedicated to build the best indoor entertainment, such as VR theme parks, XR theme parks, arcades, and lounges, among others. MONSTER VR CEO Seong-joon Park presents a new perspective on expanded reality Introduction of XR (eXtended Reality) and technology trends, indoor entertainment facilities, and the prospect of XR theme parks. In addition, CEO Shin-wook Park of Mulbitsaek Studio, introduced various shooting techniques and video making that have not existed before. There were 74 participating companies in the first “Korea Attraction Fair 2020”. Participating companies can actually experience Air Bounce Kids Run, Kids ATV, Sky Swing, VR, Spree Interactive, 4D shooting game, racing game, rider, screen sports (fishing, archery, and horseback riding), etc. It gave various attractions and satisfaction to the visitors.

Representative participating companies included NCSOFT, NHN, Webzen, SoftMax, and T3-Entertaments. Also “Motion Technology”, which provides motion capture equipment and technology to game companies. “One-up People”, showing all of you in your imagination. “Monster VR”, a virtual amusement park where you can enjoy indoor play with virtual reality. “Purse One”, a leader in theme parks and various arcade games with sports game themed content. “WORLD-CLASS RIDES FOR THE WORLD'S BEST WATER PARKS!” is their slogan. Its manufacturing of water rider/slide and the design of water park, also called “Pro-slide Technology”, attracts worldwide attention. Many companies have introduced new simulation platforms and turnkey entertainment technologies. “2020 Korea Attraction Fair”, is the only attraction-related industry exhibition in Korea. Participating companies such as Busan Blue Coast, Fire King, Smart Idea, LEAP, Pro Slide Technology, MLK, One-up People, Tour is, Motion Technology, Korea Crea provided more than 100 buyer consultations, and more than 73% of the actual transactions were conducted through buyer consultation meetings. The organizer hopes that the 2021 exhibition will grow in more aspects, and welcomes everyone to KAAFAIR.

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