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1.  Game play features 2 bonus events: “Quick Hit Bonus Event” and “Double Bonus Event”.
2.  Approximately every 7 handle pulls would initiate “Quick Hit Bonus Event”.  It would be initiated by appearance of 2 scattered Bonus Symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4.
3.  Game card award board will be initiated and start to go out one by one randomly.
4.  The last one to stay lit is the winning award.  Game Card Amount is awarded to the player.
5.  Approximately every 64 handle pulls would initiate “Double Bonus Event”.  This event would be initiated by appearance of 3 scattered bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4.
6.  Game Card Award Board will be initiated and the player is prompted to press the flashing button.  At this time, one game card award square will start to randomly go out one by one.
7.  The top box will then initiate a Ball Drop, which will reveal a multiplier ball.  The multiplier ball multiplies the game card credit award amount.
8.  A Max Bet pays 100 credits and the average bonus pay 1068 credits.
9.  Dimensions: Height: 83.5", Width: 24.50".

For more information please contact AC Coin and Slot.
Tel: +1-702-293-7084 Fax: +1-702-293-7409
aimee.schultz@ac-coin.com Website: www.ac-coin.com

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