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UserJoy Technology Acquires Agency Authority of Mobile Game “Three Kingdoms” of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Announcing to Release in October(2015/09/24)

The three kingdom ARPG mobile game “Three Kingdom War” developed by Small-Tech, UserJoy Technology today announces that they acquire its agency authority of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, and rename it “Three Kingdoms”. They will be responsible for releasing the Traditional Chinese version in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. The dual versions of “Three Kingdoms” are estimated to release simultaneously in October, and the pre-register activity begins today. Players who register earlier can get virtual game treasure worth over 1 thousand dollars and have chance to gain dual movie tickets.

“Three Kingdoms” is an instant matching battle mobile game themed with magical three kingdoms. Compared to traditional game with same theme that automatically battles and play in brainless standing manipulating way, “Three Kingdoms” can lead the armed generals walk freely, attack, manipulating the four armed generals freely by clicking. Players can display the great gods’ strength of micro-control freely. The game also encourages players to play freely. They can create their own fighting skills according to characters’ skill characters, showing different characters’ unique battle modes.

As for the game content, there are 45 chapters classic battles. There are unexpected new monsters, special games, and unique boss battle design in each chapter. In battle field, there are sky ladder and battle competition modes. The ranking of sky ladder isn’t synchronizing PVP mode. Battle competition is online real matching competition game which supports cross-server contests!

UserJoy Technology states that the pre-register activity starts today. After finishing registering, players will acquire a set of serial number. They can exchange for 50 dollar treasure, one eclipse sun shoulder protector (purple), VIP experiencing card (gaining second level VIP privilege after acquiring for 7 days) after the game releases. The total virtual game treasure is worth over a thousand dollars! Additionally, the operating team will draw dual movie tickets every day on fan page and hold different kinds of drawing lots activity!

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