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The Match 20, A Super Puzzle Game Can Find on IOS Device Today(2015/09/21)

The Taiwan independent development team, Akaibaito have developed a new casual wars game-Match 20. The development team announce this game can be download for free on IOS device, it is a consumption brain's puzzle game that have an addition with some simple numbers and a competition of mental calculation. It seems easy to play, but it is a nice difficult game for your free time.
According to some players' suggestions, this game had fixed some bugs and the way of an advertisement appear on the Android device, they also add some function about the rewards for players to next level. It will have some screen with different styles of the theme, just like using the simple style of the last game- Metro Cube, the Match 20 have a low profile background with the bright number cubes. It is not only let the screen looks comfortable, but also will let players feel relax and no pressure when they are playing this game.

This game start from a screen with five times seven chessboard and the three lines numbers, the more time go, the more number cubes will add from the bottom line by line. All the players need to do is choose these number cubes and plus to twenty before those lines add to the top, the number cubes will disappear when these numbers plus together and totally is twenty. When player choose the number,  the cube will become gray, on the other hand,  they can press the cube again to cancel and let cube return to color if they don't want to choose this cube. It will be fun if the player play the game and also do the mental calculation.

Akaibaito said that the most difficult stage is wars mode, the player will have a competitor with random selection. When they are against, one player will add some cubes which is other player clear at their own game to stop the competitor win the game. The player will feel astonish if their competitor is strong and difficult to against, also to face those cubes fall down in the game and the line raise up anytime. Although it is difficult and easy to fail the game, it will let players stir up their   desire to challenge and win on the game.

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