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Future Concept Of Cultural Tourism Area

Assisting Five Sectors to Connect with the Cultural Tourism Industry Grasp the Pulse of Cultural Tourism Industry Keep up with the "New Trend of the Times" Create Amusement Projects with Chinese Characteristics

Over the past ten years, except for the impact of the "black swan" of the epidemic in 2020, China’s overall cultural tourism industry has shown a steady growth trend, indicating that the cultural tourism industry is becoming increasingly important in achieving cultural empowerment and stimulating new development patterns. At present, China is vigorously supporting the high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry, and has regarded the cultural tourism industry as a new growth point for the future economy. The cultural tourism industry is a strategic pillar industry of the national economy. The rapid development of the cultural industry is an important development direction for digging local culture, promoting economic restructuring, and leveraging the local economic take-off. It is also an inevitable requirement to stimulate cultural creativity and promote the construction of a cultural power. It is an excellent opportunity for the economy and society given by the times to restart.

The future cultural tourism industry will accelerate the continuous conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and finally achieve a sound modern cultural industry system and promote the construction of a socialist cultural power. The cultural tourism industry is all-encompassing. How does the game and amusement field connect with the cultural tourism industry? How can we inject the concept of the future of cultural tourism industry, understand customer requirements and the development potential of the "chain". We will advance the implementation of culture, fashion, prospect, and social missions, create innovative amusement projects with Chinese characteristics, promote the "intelligent" games and amusement products on the international stage, and spread the laughter of intelligent manufacturing in China to every corner of the world. The new technologies shaping the future industry must be intertwined with different technologies. The integration, penetration and diffusion of technologies are the "hand of God", which is promoting the growth of future industries. New sectors will lead to the breakthrough and growth of emerging industries, resulting in some imaginative application scenarios and innovative cases. With the advent of the era of intelligence, all traditional industries can be prefixed with the word "intelligence" or "wisdom". Examples include smart VR experience halls, smart water parks, smart playgrounds, and even smart cities and smart China.

The Background of the Future Concept

Although there are still uncertainties in the future business model and industrial format, what companies need to do is to actively promote the transformation of future concept industrialization, integrate advanced technology, and wait for the future industrial "express", and take the initiative to "get it on" instead of waiting. To be sure, the future trend of the game and amusement sector and cultural tourism industry is integrating and exploring by the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area. It will accelerate the growth of enterprises, or more specifically, if you miss this great opportunity to empower your enterprises, you will surely miss the infinite possibility of surpassing yourself and change the world and the universe. The future needs an innovation leading platform with driving force and breakthroughs. Innovative cultural tourism - new heights of cultural creative industries Healthy Cultural Tourism - a new brand of urban leisure and entertainment Life Cultural Tourism - Leading the new needs of future life The Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area is an inevitable requirement for comprehensively building a highly influential Chinese urban cultural brand. It is an inevitable requirement to enhance the "living and traveling sharing" of urban residents and surrounding tourists. It is also an inevitable requirement to achieve high-quality leap-forward development of the cultural tourism industry chain.

Future Concept Of Cultural Tourism Area Assists Five Sectors to Connect with the Cultural Tourism Industry, Keep up with the "New Trends of the Times" and Lead the Industry to Explore New Heights

In the all-encompassing cultural tourism industry, how can the game and amusement sector connect with cultural tourism? How can we grasp the pulse of cultural tourism industry and create amusement projects with Chinese characteristics? How can we improve the modern cultural industry system and develop a strong socialist culture in China? After careful consideration, GTI Organizing Committee condensed the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area. It integrates the five major fields of game and amusement, along with the cultural tourism industry, injecting the future concept of cultural tourism industry into the game and amusement industry. It strives to promote the "intelligent" games and amusement products on the international stage, and spread the laughter of intelligent manufacturing in China to every corner of the world.

Interpretation of the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area

Forging the complete life system of "Unique Soul, Sound System, and Fresh Blood" of the "Future Area" Spiritual Connotation: the spirit of the Chinese nation and the spirit of the times, realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Cultural Connotation: the cultural self-confidence of the Chinese nation and the profound heritage of traditional excellent culture. Industry Connotation: the cultural tourism industry creates a new engine - "Dream Factory". Leisure Connotation: IP-themed leisure and entertainment "dream space". The connotation of In-depth Travel: the future dream of cultural theme "civilized community".

The Mission of Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area

I. Implement the spirit of craftsmanship, integrate with refined technology, innovative R&D, and reach a new height in China's amusement market II. A single flower does not make a spring. The concept of the future leads the cultural tourism industry to reflect on the extension of the concept of the future industry and the future industrialization III. Let all the laughter come from China - the future of cultural tourism industry

The Operational Outline of the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area

I. Executive Bureau for the Future of the Cultural Tourism Industry II. Institute for the Future of the Cultural Tourism Industry (make perfection more perfect, bring forth the new through the old, create something out of nothing) III. College of Future Concept of the cultural tourism Industry A. Cultivate the backbone practitioners of the future concept of the cultural tourism industry as well as the practitioners of the amusement equipment connecting with the cultural tourism industry B. Engaged in research on future development and discussion and implementation of future industrialization in five sectors C. Constantly explore the extension and diversification of the current industry D. Cultural tourism industry IP incubation center

Output Dual Circulation of Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area:

1. Cross-sector Output: industry chain related fields such as game and amusement industry expo, cultural tourism expo, and IP expo, among others. 2. Touring Exhibition Output: To hold expos in the game and amusement industry clusters and provinces and cities with rich cultural tourism resources. To combine local culture and industry characteristics, make diversified combinations, and continuously enrich and innovate the content and form of the Future Concept of the Cultural Tourism Area. 3. Special Output - presenting a variety of plans and experiences of Future Concept of the Cultural Tourism Area to the cultural industry practitioners in a unique and innovative new format of the cultural tourism industry. 4. International Output - using the GTI international cooperation platform to promote the Future Concept of the Cultural Tourism Area in RAAPA, dmg events, ENADA, MAATPF, IAAPI and other international Specialized exhibitions. And export to the world Chinese solutions and cultural tourism industry cooperation and exchanges with Chinese characteristics. 5. 5-language magazines (Chinese version, English version, Russian version, Spanish version, Arabic version) continue to introduce the future plans and experiences of Chinese amusement equipment to the world, and work closely with associations around the world to exchange and introduce Chinese-characteristic plans, so that all the joys of the world come from China.

Overall Positioning of the Future Concept of the Cultural Tourism Area

Taking the cultural tourism industry link (tentatively based on the core enterprise of the cultural tourism industry link in Panyu, Guangdong) as the base, through industry integration and superposition, an excellent core integration is formed, connecting the resource market of high-quality terminal investors, to reasonably and perfectly meet the investment market demand. It will drive the industry as a whole to develop in an orderly manner, to innovate and to seek differences, and to deepen the implementation of cultural, fashion, forward-looking, and social missions based on dual circulation. Let "the future of the cultural tourism industry and the industrialization of future concepts" contribute to the integration of the cultural tourism industry. • Culture is the soul of a country and a nation. • Persist in cultural self-confidence and realize national rejuvenation. • Let the world meet the Chinese civilization. • The cultural and creative industry is the epitome of a country’s cultural soft power.

Function and Value of the Future Concept of the Cultural Tourism Area

"Industrial Culture + Creative Incubation", "Amusement Culture + Leisure Experience", "Cultural Tourism Culture + Global Diversification" reflect the modern interpretation and innovation of traditional culture, and build the cultural industry-led "global model" of cultural tourism characteristics. Cultural Tourism Industry+ Cultural Industry: cultural and creative industry + supporting facility → DreamWorks - the incubation base that produces creative culture (cultural tourism industry production base, innovate R&D base, upstream and downstream industrial chain) Leisure and Entertainment: cultural and creative leisure + supporting facilities → Dream Paradise - the most cultural leisure travel experience (Chinese urban cultural tourism park, leisure business) Global Cultural Tourism: life + services + supporting facility → Dream Cultural Tourism - diversified, intelligent IP themed, ecological (health, safety, civilization, fashion, sunshine, service)

Development Opportunities of the Future Concept of the Cultural Tourism Area Futurization of Current Industries, Industrialization of Future Concepts

At the National Level: the cultural and tourism industry enjoys a superior development background (cultural self-confidence leads the development of the cultural industry. A new era of culture and tourism integration has come, and the industry has great potential for development.) At the Provincial Level: each province vigorously promotes the development of the cultural tourism industry (With the implementation of the "Strategy of Culturally Powerful Province", the cultural creative industry is one of the industries with the greatest development potential.) City Level: the city of "pursuing dreams, seeking dreams, and fulfilling dreams" (following the "Chinese Dream", boosting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, exploring the "Cultural Dream", strengthening cultural confidence, inheriting traditional culture, realizing the "development dream", and realizing the happiness of urban people.) With excellent development opportunities and policy support, we look forward to a cultural tourism space that "pursues the Chinese Dream, explores the cultural dream, seeks the development dream, and realizes the dream of happiness together".

Fulfilling the Requirements of the Future Concept

1. Based on the superposition of cultural brand elements in China's amusement and cultural tourism industry, it offers an innovative display window for urban culture. 2. Focusing on cultural tourism display experience, research and development, production, service, and guide investment needs to create a new engine for the cultural tourism industry. 3. The construction of tourism attraction under the integration of culture and IP elements creates a new brand of urban leisure and entertainment. 4. Clarify the position of the project in the development of the entire ecological civilization, and sort out the future linkage relationship with related industries. 5. Enhance the core competitiveness of practitioners in the cultural and tourism industry, and offer the best demand plan for investors in actual operations.

The Development Advantages of Future Concept of the Cultural Tourism Area

A single flower does not make a spring. "Leading" is the idea of the Future Concept of the Cultural Tourism Area. Adhering to the guidance of "All things are nourished together without their injuring one another," pointed out by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, leading enterprises will take the lead in exploring the future of the cultural tourism industry and drive more enterprises to inject the future concept, and finally lead the future cultural tourism industry to go international. There is a group of companies with in-depth missions and future ambitions responding to the call of the GTI Organizing Committee. Based on the cultural tourism industry, they actively explore and study what the future industry is, and attach great importance to the Future Concept of the Cultural Tourism Area. They come from five major sectors, including amusement park equipment, video games, water park equipment, children's amusement equipment, and VR/AR/MR. They are the first to integrate their respective advanced technologies and explore the future of cultural tourism.

Witness Intelligent Manufacturing in China

Five sectors: amusement park equipment, video games, water park equipment, children's amusement equipment, and VR/AR/MR Over 600+ well-known amusement equipment manufacturers with thousands of quality products, etc. Amusement equipment: roller coaster, flying tower, giant stride, Ferris wheel, monorail train, carousel, bumper car, etc. Video games: redemption machine, arcade games, maimai DX, basketball machine, etc. Water park equipment: Wave pool, lazy river, interactive water village, skateboarding, slides, rafts, etc. Children’s amusement equipment: Fishing pool, glass reinforced plastic space sand table, inflatables, crane machine, scissor machine, roller slide, puzzle sand pool, etc. VR/AR/MR: VR Dark Mars, VR cinema, VR Racing Motor, space capsule, VR escape room, shooting competition, children's puzzle game, science education, etc.

Guangzhou Daqian Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. A Booster of Environmental Art

Established in 2005, Daqian (short for Daqian Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.), located next to Startoon City, Panyu, Guangzhou, is one of the earliest environmental art companies in China that focuses on the planning, designing and construction of children’s indoor/outdoor theme parks, cultural tourism complex, anime amusement parks, rural scenery, theme malls, and sculpture arts, to name a few. Over many years, the company has been awarded the “High Technology Expertise” and the “Panyu District Private Enterprises Top 100 Brands in 2017”. Driven by the tenet of “First to Achieve Customers, then to Achieve Ourselves”, Daqian has been committed to providing professional designs, excellent craft and completed solutions to their customers at home and abroad. For many years of development, it has also gathered rich experience in designing and construction that helps it to keep the leading position in the industry all the time. Moreover, the company also features the professional design team, advanced manufacturing processes, high-tech research team, FRP production team, and some supporting factories like hardware lighting factory, acrylic plastic lamp box factory, park operation & management company, amusement equipment company as well as the brand service company. It has undertaken numerous decoration service for children’s theme parks and landscape building around the world, and offered supporting service to some top enterprises like Disneyland, Chimelong, and Fantawild, as well as completed solutions to some famous amusement brands like OCT, Lesney, Wanda Kids, and so on. With its quality service and products, Daqian stands out in the competitive market; shows its unique value of art decoration; and wins lots of admiration from investors and customers.

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech Co., Ltd. A Booster of VR Technology

Zhuoyuan (short for Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech Co., Ltd.) is an ethical and high-tech enterprise in Guangdong province, and has obtained the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangdong Science and Technology Award (the first provincial-level prize in the industry), Guangzhou Innovation Benchmarking Enterprise, and Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Little Giant Enterprise. Equipped with a modern standard production base of 30,000 sq. m and a R&D center of 3,000 sq. m, Zhuoyuan has a powerful productivity and possesses more than 60 experienced technicians from Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and China Telecom. The core technology of Zhuoyuan includes servo-driven dynamic control technology of crank transmission, the sensor technology of human motion detection, AI technology, experience store management and content, and data service platform technology, etc., which have obtained 236 national patents, software copyright and other intellectual property certificates. With the mission of creating high-quality VR application solutions, Zhuoyuan has taken a deep commitment to VR industry and offered service to hundreds of famous cultural tourism enterprises like Macrolink, OCT, Golden Tourism, and so on. It has completed hundreds of VR cultural tourism projects in many famous tourist attractions including Macao Science Museum, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Datang Evernight City in Xi’an, as well as the ancient town of TongGuanYao in Changsha, and dozens of VR science projects in national science and technology museums, such as Guangdong Science Center, Hunan Changde Science and Technology Museum, which have also become the main products of the 20th China Hi-Tech Fair of Ministry of Science and Technology of China. For many years, Zhuoyuan has been committed to boosting the cultural tourism through technology and constantly creating multi presentations and better experience to the customers. It joins hands with its powerful strategy partners in the cultural tourism industry, and provides excellent cultural tourism VR products as well as customized VR solutions with its own advantages in quality, sales channels and brand influence, to promote the prosperous development of China’s cultural tourism.

Guangdong Daxin Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. A Booster of Water Park Equipment

Founded in 2000, Daxin (short for Guangdong Daxin Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd.), belonging to the Daxin Amusement Group, is the first batch of high-tech enterprises in China that has obtained the qualification certificate of manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of large amusement equipment. Its business covers the planning and designing of waterparks as well as theme parks, landscape building, production of waterpark’s equipment, installation and operation of amusement equipment, and solution providing. At present, Daxin Amusement Group features six subsidiary corporations and covers an 80,000 square meter production base in Qingyuan city. It is also the leading company to introduce American Five axis NC technology for die manufacturing. Its main products include water slide series, interactive water town, waving and drifting series, children splashing series and 100 other amusement facilities. The equipment have obtained more than 20 national patents and 45 special equipment design and manufacturing licenses, and are exported to 30 countries and regions including East Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and South America, to name a few. In 2019, Daxin jointly developed the Guangzhou Sim Leisure Far East Co., Ltd. with Sim Leisure Group listing in Singapore and has created many representative designs like Motiongate in Dubai, LEGO Park in Malaysia and UNIVERSAL in Singapore, showing that Daxin is a professional local solution provider of international theme parks.

Guangzhou BoDiLuo (BDL) Investment Development Co., Ltd. A Booster of Video Games

BoDiLuo is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the integration and application of game, entertainment, and VR industry. It integrates creativity, R&D, production, sales and operation to provide customers with profitable solutions for project implementation and sustainable & successful business services. Its strategic franchise brand partners include Hylaeion, XingGuangMao, Muyan Bookstore, KiKi Game Club, and Luoke Park. Its supply chain partners inlcude (Huatai) Baishun, 8bit, Tongli, Sealy&Dinfone, YouCaiHua, Movie Power, Longcheng, Huangyue, Sun-Wing, Youku, XinHaiDa, Aiyi Hang, Yong Ao, and ZQFY.

Guangzhou YouCaiHua Information Technology Co., Ltd. A Booster of Site Management System Technology

YouCaiHua is a technology service company integrating the R&D, production, operation of software and hardware. The company provides high-quality “Amusement Plus” service to bring high revenue to its customers. Up to now, YouCaiHua has built its business in the field of tourist attractions, children’s parks, video games, sports, early education and theaters. And it has offered site management solutions to more than 5000 indoor theme parks, 750 commercial real estate projects, 80 real estate companies, and others. Its core products includes entertainment Housekeeper management system, You Le Bao management system, member operation management saas systems, gift purchase platform, integral mall, Ying Ke Bao saas management system, device management system, YouCaihua cloud POS machine, smart card swiping terminals, and smart self-service ticketing / coin machines, to name a few.

Guangzhou JiXingLeYuan Animation Technology Co., Ltd. – A Booster of Children Amusement Equipment

JiXingBao is not only a comprehensive company that concentrates on R&D, producing and selling gift machines and crane machines, but also an agent of Taiwan Paokai and Korea Komi Wuzi in China Mainland. Various types of gift machines and crane machines are listed as the top products in the world. In May 2018, JiXingBao won the title of The Only Company fulfilling the National Technical Group Standard in Crane Industry. Since its establishment 10 years ago, Jixingbao has been adhering to the tenet of "honest management, customer first, excellent quality, quality assurance", and aiming at "continuous innovation, leading the market, pursuing excellence and creating a better future", to improve itself constantly.

Guangzhou Liangjia Sports Technology Co., Ltd.- A Booster of Digital Sports

Liangjia Sports Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in indoor tennis, baseball, badminton, golf and other simulator high-end equipment research and development, production, and sales. We originally designed and independently researched & developed some patent products, including L J simulation tennis, baseball, and badminton. Liangjia Sports adheres to the core values of sports, health, science & technology and development, and studies how to improve the user experience. We carefully listen to the suggestions of users, and provide continuous product maintenance and update guarantees. With our core technology as well as the leading technology among the domestic peers, Liangjia Sports develops many kinds of products such as indoor tennis, baseball, golf, simulations and other related equipment, to create our own brand positively. Liangjia Sport is committed to providing customers with excellent services, professional and safe technical service strength for different groups of users to improve higher and better quality service.

Hunan Zhongyi Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.– A Booster of Children’s Amusement Equipment

Hunan Zhongyi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive children's amusement high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, design, production and sales, franchisee of children's amusement equipment. At present, our business covers many countries and regions around the world. To offer a better service for customers from all over the country, Zhongyi settles the headquarter in Changsha, and branches in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Kunming, Hefei, Nanning and Chengdu. What’s more, our international trades extend to southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Russia and other countries and regions. With experienced designers, engineers, technicians and other professional development teams, Zhongyi adheres to the concept of “innovation, development”, and got a number of invention patent certificates. Relaying on the increasing innovation ability in development, flexible and outstanding customization ability, and ever-improving delivery performance, Zhongyi has won the trust and cooperation of its global customers. At present, we have become the leading enterprise in the industry. In addition, Zhongyi participated in the compilation of China's "Indoor Children’s Soft Amusement Equipment Safety Technical Specifications". Due to our increasingly significant industry influence, CCTV Discovery Tour "Quality" and Hunan Economic TELEVISION station publicized the experience and achievements of Zhongyi. As an outstanding industrial company, Zhongyi provides services for lots of national famous shopping malls, amusement enterprises, real estate companies and chain amusement parks. Based on excellent services, Zhongyi meets different customers’ diversified needs by offering completed solutions for unit products to one-stop services, and helps customers to make innovation and development come true. In the future, Zhongyi will continue to be committed to leading the innovative development of the amusement industry and responding to the novel challenges of the global amusement industry.

Creative Made Co., Ltd.– A Booster of Children’s Amusement Equipment

Creative Made Co., Ltd. is engaged in building scenes of indoor EPP building park and making DIY building blocks for children's preschool education. Integrating with research and development, design, manufacturing and sales, Creative Made has the right of import and export, as well as the system of e-business. Our products are made of new materials with good quality. Under the purpose of eco-friendly, healthy and safe, we are strict with product quality, and have applied for a number of national patents and national safety certification and CCC certification. With a professional research and development team, Creative Made can customize the most suitable solutions according to operators’ positioning, and constantly develop iterative products for your business demands. At the same time, Creative Made has been studying children's education in depth, and strive to transform "edutainment" into highly creative game products, and build a variety of modes and scales of playground scenes, so that children can better develop their logic, creativity, collaboration, practice and other aspects of wisdom and ability while playing. Though the company was founded in 2017, our core team is not new and full of experience in game industry. With over 10-years’ experience and innovative ideas, Creative Made insists on providing better children’s educational amusement service in the future 10 years. To achieve our goal, Creative Made will offer you good products by using our highest enthusiasm, most abundant resources, most outstanding technology, and best quality. Creative Made sincerely invites you from home and abroad to cooperate, hand in hand to drive the development of the children’s educational amusement industry, and create a bright future!

Easy Food International – A Booster of Support Facilities for Amusement Parks

Easy Food International is a one-stop ecological supply chain service platform for the global light food and beverage industry, jointly created by Huayida Management Consulting (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and many excellent enterprises in the light food and beverage industry. Integrating with high quality resources in the food industry, Easy Food International cooperates with thousands of high quality brands and original factories. With the advantages of decades of catering equipment manufacturing and raw material production, adopting the mold of self-production and brands’ direct supply, and under the help of sturdy selling channels through the internet, we built a service platform that integrates internet, production, experience store and service for more than 100,000 light catering enterprises worldwide to provides them with high-quality entire store output services and supply chain sources integration, so that you can easily open a store! Easy Food International has established a long-term strategic partnership with the first-line tea enterprises. Adhering to the mission of "let the catering people easily do catering!", focusing on catering equipment, output of raw materials as well as providing a whole set of opening store service, optimizing the storage and distribution system, Easy Food International help global catering industry enterprises to promote operation efficiency, reduce enterprise purchase cost and provide the start-up users with more and better products and opening service experiences.

Guangzhou Wali Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.– A Booster of Children’s Amusement Equipment

Founded on 8th April, 2014, Guangzhou Wali Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a research & development, production, installation, delivery, service and sales set in one-scale enterprise. We mainly provide indoor and outdoor amusement equipment, including children park, Starry Star Hall, Magic Mirror Maze, Transparent House, super trampoline, children/adult rock climbing, Jungle trekking, dry ski & slide skiing. Owning products that are designed and R&D independently, Wali has strong competitiveness. And, with strong technical force and professional team, as well as perfect management system, we constantly strengthen our quality awareness, pays attention to the improvement of quality and technology, to better serve customers. All the products are safe and interactive by keeping learning advanced technology. Wali adheres to the service mission of serving customers by heart, and providing customers a one-stop service. We have won a good reputation from our customers. If you choose Wali, we will let you feel relieved!

GTI Asia China Expo 2021 Invitation – Let’s Enjoy the China-made, and Create the Industry Glory Together!

Organized by GTI Haw Ji Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Convention & Exhibition Service Centre Co., Ltd., GTI Asia China Expo (GTI GZ Expo) is committed to providing services for amusement industry owners, promoting China game and amusement industry to bloom, and create a professional, diversified and international one-stop game and amusement trading platform, to let the world know more about the innovation and creation of China game and amusement. GTI GZ Expo, which was born in 2009, has been held for 12 consecutive years. According to the data over the years, GTI GZ Expo can cover an area of 80,000 square meters, attract over 500 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors. In previous years, the professional visitors were mainly from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Canada, Dubai, Pakistan, Thailand, Italy, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Australia, Japan, The United Kingdom, Nigeria, Egypt, India, the United States and more than 60 countries and regions. Now, GTI is trying the best to assist the game and amusement field to link the cultural tourism industry, and create a Future Concept of the Cultural Tourism Area. It will assist five sectors to connect with the cultural tourism industry, drive the intelligent products from China game and amusement industry to go abroad. This Future Concept Area will make its debut at GTI GZ Expo 2021. At the expo, you will enjoy the leading technology keeping up with the “new trends of the Time” at five areas, and the Future Concept of Cultural Tourism Area integrated with culture amusement and technology.

Over the years, the GTI Organizing Committee has been focusing on five major areas such as children’s amusement equipment, amusement park facilities, water park equipment, video games, VR/AR/MR, and published 5 language editions amusement magazines (Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish and Arabic). We will continue to introduce future solutions and experiences of China amusement equipment, and expand the scope of GTI GZ Expo exhibition, to provide more quality equipment and services for professional visitors. In 2021, GTI will call on more than 600 well-known game and amusement enterprises and 50,000 professional buyers from all over the world to gather at the 13th GTI GZ Expo, and make full efforts to revitalize enterprises and the industry! With a gradually systematic planning, publicity and service team, relying on abundant professional audience resources, the GTI Organizing Committee sincerely invites you to meet at the Zone A, China Import and Export Fair·Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou in Guangdong Province, China from November 3 to 5, 2021. We will continue the brilliance of GTI GZ Expo and show the increasing prosperity of China’s games and amusement sector to the world!

※The article is published in the GTI Magazine Issue No. 199 in August 2021

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