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The introduction of Yung-Chi Electronic Co., Ltd

1. Yung-Chi Electronic Co., Ltd was being established in 1985. The prior name of the company was Chian Chi Electronic Co., Ltd and it was a famous and reputed company in the trading business of Taiwan’s game industry.

2. Because the prior-shareowner of our company had gone abroad and invested another company named Chian Chi Electronic Co., Ltd, we altered the name to Yung-Chi Electronic Co., Ltd.

3. He Kong Ren, the President of Yung-Chi Electronic Co., Ltd is now the Vice-President of Taiwan Amusement Machine Association (TAMA) and has already being the Vice-President for 6 years.

4. It has been over 20 years since the company being established. The company is specialized for the PC boards of all kinds of machines; the commerce and the maintenance of new and used machines. The stock of the used machines in our factory is complete.

5. Besides operating the commerce of the machines, we also cooperate with overseas companies and export the machines to over 30 companies. The machines for our export are edutainment machines such as shooting, racing, sports and music machines; adult amusement machines such as poker games, horse racing games, roulettes, bingo machines, slot machines, Baccarat, Black Jack and coin pushers; and all kinds of casino equipment that are specialized in legal casinos in Taiwan and foreign countries and the casinos that were being approved by Global Gaming Association.

6. Our company has the professional techniques and holds the principle of honesty and sincerity. We offer our customers the most faultless services.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.