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17JAPAN-1_Hado Shoot
Hado Shoot!
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17JAPAN-1_Hado Shoot
Features: 1. Players will wear a smart phone insertion-type head-mounted LCD display and a wrist detector to enjoy this techno sports game featuring a magical augmented reality world. 2. Players need to beat down the monsters running out from the screen and the person with the highest score wins. The objects obtained from the treasure box appearing on the stage enable players to use powerful attacks to knock down monsters or use paintballs to disrupt the opposing team. 3. Players can shoot the energy balls to attack monsters by pushing forward the hand wearing the wrist detector. It features simple gameplay that even children can feel is fun right away and the game can be played by people above the age of 4. 4. The machine models available include the 2-player model allowing one against one and the 4-player model allowing two against two. The 2-player model is 3x4 m2 in size so it can save space. For more information, please contact GM Corp. Tel: +81-3-3766-9331 Fax:+81-3-3766-9398 Website: www.gm-shoji.co.jp
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