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[ Information ] [2017-01-23] IGS stock tops the Taiwan game market with highest earnings per share (2017/01/23)
[ Information ] [2016-10-26] Raw Thrills introduces Cruis'n Blast (2016/10/26)
[ Information ] [2016-08-29] Elaut and D&B develop game (2016/08/29)
[ Information ] [2016-01-05] Coast to Coast's color changing crane shipping soon (2016/01/05)
[ Information ] [2015-12-22] DRGT systems success at Casino Leogrand in Georgia (2015/12/22)
[ Information ] [2015-11-30] Defeat the Dictator in Just Cause 3(2015/11/30)
[ Information ] [2015-09-24] UserJoy Technology Acquires Agency Authority of Mobile Game “Three Kingdoms” of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Announcing to Release in October(2015/09/24)
[ Information ] [2015-09-21] The Match 20, A Super Puzzle Game Can Find on IOS Device Today(2015/09/21)
[ Information ] [2015-09-20] Kazakhstan gaming zones successful, Gambling market implementation in the CIS (2015/09/20)
[ Information ] [2015-09-15] The Game of the PS4 “The King of Fighters XIV” Will On The Market Next Year--It Will Preemptive Show On The Tokyo Game Show(2015/09/15)
[ Information ] [2015-09-15] The Inspirational Game “Marshmallow Tower” show on the Android device today(2015/09/15)
[ Information ] [2015-09-07] New product “Happy Boat” from Saint-Fun will show all over the world in September.(2015/09/07)
[ Information ] [2015-09-04] IGS’s Gaming Game “Fa Fa Fa Slot Machine” Has New Version “Mammon Is Coming”(2015/09/04)
[ Information ] [2015-09-02] An Asian area skirmish world championship of BlizzCon will coming soon on October in Taipei(2015/09/02)
[ Information ] [2015-08-28] A hero from Korean cartoon, Jin MoRi, appear in the Lost Saga(2015/08/28)
[ Information ] [2015-08-06] Angry Birds app turns into fresh new coin-operated game machines in the market (2015/08/06)
[ Information ] [2015-08-04] Xbox rolls out Taiwan game live channels
[ Information ] [2015-07-27] LMS Summer Final of League of Legends Comes out Result, ahq Wins Champion and Steps into World Competition (2015/07/27)
[ Information ] [2015-07-14] IGS’ “Pet Jump” hits market
[ Information ] [2015-07-13] “Mabinogi” carnival to celebrate 10th anniversary
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